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Imperfectly Perfect

130cm x 150cm

The concept behind this installation was inspired by Colette Miller's Global Angel Wings Project created in 2012, as a reminder to humanity that we are the “Angels of this Earth”. This installation brings forth our disguised imperfections. 

It stems form the over exposure to the most perfect version of oneself. It is a representation of the beauty of imperfection.
We are mostly exposed to the most perfect form of wings when in fact, birds naturally morph their beautiful wings through a range of shapes of different angles, twists and asymmetries. We often choose to expose only the most beautiful version often disguising our own metamorphosis which holds us back from accepting our natural process of change and progression.

In this installation, I used slip* to create the feathers which are attached by a very elastic fishing wire that allows the installation to change form.
* Slip is the industrial use of runny clay that is poured into molds for multiplications of objects. 

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