Visual Artist


My work strives to instigate the imagination and evoke emotion.

Born in Amman, Jordan in 1978; I began working in the arts in 2006 when I owned a virtual gallery in Amman.  In 2008, I enrolled in an art appraisal course in Tisch School of The Arts and worked with Bortolami Gallery while attending the Art Students League of New York.  Here, I practiced different techniques such as egg tempera and oil painting under the supervision of jack Faragasso.

I began experimenting with ceramics in 2016 and since then have primarily focused on sculptures and installations. My inclination to work with clay was a natural process because of its versatility and ability to reflect my thoughts in the various forms it takes.


My process started with sculptures as I explored with texture and density versus fragility, and through all the stages; I found multiple emotional links. This drove me to create works of art that can be more immersive such as installations, whereby I was able to indulge all the senses by using space, lighting and sound.


I recently began experimenting with both sculptures and installations by including other materials such as wood, brass and wax. The organic dripping effect of clay in the form of slip and wax are my favorite combination to work with so far; especially the layering of the wax that is naturally formed while it sets at room temperature. I see the form of dripping as a reflection of change and continuity.


I like to think that my methods are a constant work in progress, which drives me to explore and experiment with clay in multiple combinations, each reflecting a unique expression.

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